First Lady Tinubu Unveils “Every Home A Garden” Competition with N25m Prize

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The First Lady of Nigeria, Senator Oluremi Tinubu, has emphasized the importance of women leading the charge in the Food Security Campaign during an event at the State House Residence.

While unveiling her vegetable garden, which includes spinach, waterleaf, bitter leaf, ewedu, lemongrass, scent leaf, and okra, she encouraged first-time women farmers to participate in the “Every Home A Garden” competition.

Senator Tinubu highlighted that even small efforts, such as maintaining a household garden, can significantly address food insufficiency.

She stated, “This little garden will be able to provide healthy vegetables enough for my household, and I would definitely be able to let some of my staff have as well.

The solution to any problem lies in everyone contributing their own quota to getting that solution. ”As a leader, I must show example and plant my own garden.”

She urged women across Nigeria to plant gardens that can support their families and neighbors, promoting communal living and contributing to the federal government’s food security goals.

The First Lady showcased her garden to Chioma Uzodinma, Wife of the Imo State Governor, and Aisha Matawale, Wife of the Minister of State for Defence.

The “Every Home A Garden” competition invites first-time women farmers from all over Nigeria to submit a 30-second video of their garden to their State Government’s Office of the Wives by September 25, 2024.

The winner will receive a prize of 25 million naira.

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