What Happen Last Night At Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital Is Disheartening – DR.NAGODA.

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The Executive Secretary kano State Hospitals Management Board Dr Mansur Mudi Nagoda have totally condemned the incident that occurred last night at murtala hospital specialist hospital saying it was disheartening.

Dr. Nagoda explained that a couple of Patients were sent away or referred by the staff of the maternity unit on the account that there is no water in the theatre and labour room. “We went round together with the Drs and nurses, there was water dropping into the well behind,as well as in the tap in front of the theater, in addition to the two tanks placed in the department as contingencies.”

He further said, the boaster he instructed to be installed was removed adding that no synergy between the department of O&G and the management of the facility. The staff in the unit were naive and shying away from surgeries due to flimsy excuses , failing to understand the gravity of what inflictions it might cause.

The Executive Secretary
quickly summoned the Chief Medical Director of the facility, took the names of All on evening duty, including the maintenance staff With intent of bringing the perpetrators to book.

Instant actions taken includes sacking of all the attendants on duty in the Labour and admission rooms as well as serving the doctors on duty with a caution notice.

Dr Nagoda explained that this time around HMB will not spare any one wanting, and no one has the mandate to send patients away as a result of simple logistics, additional options have been made available, while nurses ,Drs and attendants are all on ground adding that this incident is viewed as an act of sabotage.

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