1 Sacked, Other Syndicate Members Indicted By Executive Supervision Team – DR. NAGODA.

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The Executive Secretary kano State Hospitals Management Board have totally condemned what they meet at today’s unscheduled executive supervision in Muhammad Abdullah Wase Teaching Hospital.

The team lead by the executive secretary HMB, DGs of Kncdc and scaka as well as the Es of kschma visited the facility as part of the team’s mandate but unfortunately they meet another hapless saga where by the officers in-charge of the Labour unit charge 21,500 for delivery against the 8,000 hospital approved delivery fees.

Luck ran out on them when they where bursted yesterday night by a patient relative who brought in a patient and happened to be one of the supervision team member.

The officers where caught charging 21,500 in which they pay 11,500 into the hospital account and 10,000 into a personal account. They then issue receipt for 11,500 to the patient and no other evidence to show for the paid 10,000.

Dr Nagoda further explained that after the effort of blocking all avenues of extorting money from patients that the CMD of the facility have tried to initiate, some have found another way to continue with the fraudulent act.

To this note, the Executive Secretary has approved the dismissal of the personal account holder in which the other 10,000 is been paid to while the matron and others are hereby suspended until all culprits indicted or exonerated by the disciplinary action committee.

The Executive Secretary added that, Let this sound as a last warning to all “be it who, drastic measures will be applied. We want to sanitise the system in a way that every patient can walk into a facility and get the required services they need without any 2nd thought”.He called on patients and patients relatives to take note of all servicom numbers pasted in facilities to report any unwarranted incidence.

Meanwhile, the team also paid a visit to Waziri Shehu Gidado General Hospital Meeting a very filthy environment with empty oxygen cylinders as well as non issuance of receipt to patients after getting services from the lab.

Dr Nagoda said, they are planning on turning the payment system into digital payment where by all payments would be centralised and a remitter will be issued to the patient.

“The executives and DG from the smoh will not relent until we flush all the bad eggs, and liberate the system,in that an indigent patient and vulnerable can access care freely without intercession or fear of being cheated upon by undesirable elements and touts” he added.


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