BYS: The Beacon of Hope in Kano’s Media Space Breaks Another Jinx – Dr Zalad

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“If you are on social media, and you are not learning, not laughing, not being inspired or not networking, then you are using it wrong.”~ Germany Kent.

The euphoria that embraced the emergence of new media and technologies as an information superhighway that will bring new hope and dignity has all but vanished. And the potential of shaping the political agenda via social media as elicited by the Arab spring decade ago now appears to be a mirage in the distant past.

In the dynamic landscape of Kano’s political and social Media spheres, Basiru Yusuf Shuwaki (BYS), an architect of progress emerges as a towering figure, whose multifaceted contributions have left an indelible mark on the community. Serving as the Director of Social Media to Hon. Deputy Senate President Barau Jibrin, as well as Chairman of the Kano Progressive Media Network, BYS embodies a potent blend of vision, leadership, and unwavering dedication.

BYS’s journey towards excellence began with his tenure as the State Chairman of Kano State Social Media, where he honed his skills in communication and grassroots mobilization. His subsequent role as Zonal Chairman of Kano North further solidified his reputation as a capable and strategic leader.

Central to BYS’s legacy is his instrumental role in securing the success of Senator Barau Jibrin in the fiercely contested 2023 general election. Through his astute management of social media platforms and the formation of the influential media group KAPMEN, BYS effectively amplified the senator’s message and connected with voters on a profound level.

Yet, BYS’s impact transcends mere electoral victories. His leadership is characterized by transparency, fluency, and an unwavering commitment to the welfare of his constituents. Under his stewardship, members of KAPMEN have received invaluable resources, including vehicles, scholarships, and computers, courtesy of Senator Barau Jibrin.

Moreover, BYS’s proactive involvement in developmental initiatives has endeared him to the people of Kano North. From ensuring the equitable distribution of food items during the holy month of Ramadan to spearheading community projects, he has consistently championed the cause of social upliftment and inclusivity.

Crucially, BYS has served as a bridge between grassroots politicians and Senator Barau Jibrin Maliya, facilitating dialogue, cooperation, and synergy. His ability to forge meaningful connections and foster collaboration underscores his status as a unifying force within the community.

In conclusion, Basiru Yusuf Shuwaki’s contributions to Kano’s social fabric are unparalleled. His tireless efforts, visionary leadership, and unwavering commitment to progress have not only elevated the status of Senator Barau Jibrin but have also empowered countless individuals within the community. As Kano continues on its path of growth and development, BYS stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration, driving positive change and leaving an enduring legacy for generations to come.

Now while we continue to demand better governance from our leaders let us do our part. Use that data to learn the national anthem and sing it with pride. That is a characteristic of a patriotic citizen and great nations can only be built by patriots like BYS et’al.

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