Gov. Yusuf criticizes Kano Hisbah over ‘wrong’ method of arrest

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Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf has faulted the Kano State Hisbah Board over its method of arresting people accused of prostitution and immorality in the state.

Daily News 24 reports that the Hisbah board under the leadership of Sheikh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa had introduced a clampdown exercise tagged ‘Operation Kau da Badala’, meaning operation to end immorality.

Under the operation, operatives of the Hisbah Board have raided hotels and guesthouses, where they arrested persons suspected to be involved in prostitution.

However, the operation has drawn outcry following the emergence of a video clip showing the Hisbah personnel throwing a woman into a van during arrest at Sarina Hotels and Suites.

Sheik Daurawa, the Hisbah Commander-General has maintained that the operations was in order and argued that immoral people do not deserve any respect.

But Governor Yusuf, who spoke at a meeting with Imams at Africa House, Kano State Government House on Thursday said the modus operandi of the board needs to be looked into.

He said, “I saw a video that disrupted my peace. You parked cars and went to where males and females were doing unholy things. They were picked up and beaten with bamboo sticks while they took to their heels.

“They were being packed up inside the vehicle like animals. This, I think is a big mistake for you to hold an adult and throw him like a goat into a Hilux.

“Hisbah is a board that we take in high esteem and bring in God fearing people that we know they can deliver given the people’s mandate in line with what is right.

“I want to call on the attention of agencies saddled with the responsibility of putting youth on the righteous paths especially Hisbah.

“The meaning of establishing agencies like this is to do the right thing and also advise us and all stakeholders on the right thing to do.

“We want the right thing to be done, what if, God forbids someone got injured on his spinal cord, he is finished. I saw a video where students’ rooms were raided, beaten and thrown into the vehicle.

“There is a problem, we establish a board to help strengthen Islamic values but if these things are like this, the children will not also obey. What we want them to change into the will then be the opposite of it. God forbids.”

Daily News 24

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